Watching The 2018 White Sox Is Like Being Stranded On A (Not Nice) Desert Island

It’s May 9, 2018. Food supplies are low. Hits are scarce. There are animals living on this island that could eat me whole. Nicky Delmonico is not a good baseball player.

Everything’s bad about being stranded on a desert island. No, I haven’t ever been on one myself, but I’ve seen Cast Away two or three times. Tom Hanks, who of course plays himself in the movie, sees his mental stability deteriorate over the course of the film. That last part is something I know a lot about considering I’ve watched a good deal of Chicago White Sox baseball over the last two months.

With every fiber of my being, I love the White Sox. Just like most other fans, I’ll never stop loving them. Even if there’s another ten years of useless baseball (there won’t be). However, this team has me feeling like I should get paid to watch the games.

To see just how bad the Sox are, look at the defense. It’s not just in the errors, though that’s obviously a big part. It’s in things like hitting a cutoff-man or fielding a ball cleanly. Sure, that’s a RIDICULOUS statement for a person whose highest level of baseball was 14-year-old PONY league, but damnit I have the Chicago White Sox 2005 World Series box set of DVD’s and I’ve re-watched game four many, many times.

The Jermaine Dye-Juan Uribe-Joe Crede relay was something to die for. Never in a million years did I think I’d gush over a relay throw, but such is life with the 2018 White Sox. Just passing time on a desert island. The good news? Help is eventually coming.

It still doesn’t take away the fact that the Sox (especially with Moncada on the DL) are sort of liking watching paint dry, but in a really, really frustrating manner. Like if you had to watch it dry while sitting in a middle split.

Still love my Sox, though.

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