Rebuild Is Still On: The Chicago White Sox Are Going To Be A-Okay

Winning cures a lot. Even when it doesn’t really matter that much.

The White Sox’ 5-3 win against the Cubs on Mother’s Day (shoutout to all the moms) came at a much-needed time. Much-needed, meaning nobody on the South Side wants to deal with a sweep at the hands of the crosstown rival.

I’m not walking back my blog saying that watching the Sox is like being stranded on a desert island, that’s still true. I’m just saying that the rebuild hasn’t been cancelled. Rick Hahn is coming in to work tomorrow. I’m still falling asleep dreaming of a day when I don’t have to watch Adam Engel bat leadoff, let alone bat anywhere.

Adam, I love you. You’re fast, a good defender and probably a great person. I just don’t want to watch you play baseball (photo via NBC Sports Chicago)

White Sox Twitter has gone off the deep end to some degree. So, if I may ask, why? If I could take a stab at it, I’d say it’s because we haven’t made the playoffs since 2008. Nobody wants that kind of drought; can you imagine if your baseball team didn’t do anything significant for like, 100 years?!

Had to do it, sorry.

Back to the point I’m trying to make. The Sox came into this year with a roster that *on paper* looked like it had a long-shot at producing a playoff team if A) everyone on the pitching staff over-performed, B) everyone stayed healthy, C) everyone in the bullpen Freaky Friday’d into Andrew Miller and D) Eloy and Kopech were brought up in mid-May and played to their full potential.

Nobody (myself included, to a degree) wanted to admit just how big of a long-shot that really was.

SO…you take a success-starved fanbase + a playoff hope (no matter how small) + a month-and-a-half of putrid baseball and you’ve got yourself a big ole’ group of unhappy individuals.

Like I said earlier, the rebuild has yet to be cancelled. Yoan Moncada, despite the small setback, has played very well. Eloy Jimenez, Michael Kopech, Dylan Cease, Dane Dunning, Micker Adolfo, Blake Rutherford (!!!), Luis Basabe, etc., etc. ,etc, all look good.

I get that Jake Burger tore his achilles twice and Lucas Giolito is struggling. Not every rebuild piece will become Babe Ruth or Sandy Koufax.

Bottom line: check out the cover image if you want to see how I feel about the Sox’ future. The world (rebuild) is our oyster. That is, until I have to watch the next Adam Engel at-bat.


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