The Bottom Feeder Blog: A Running List of Publicly-Shamed Celebrities

I’ve begun to think there is no hope for escaping the crippling reality of today’s social climate. There are many more significant issues that I’d argue we simply don’t need threads of 35 tweets debating what someone meant, who it should offend, and all the ways the aforementioned offender should be persecuted.

Though, as a society, it seems we’re hell-bent on controlling the narratives of pseudo-anonymous message boards rather than attack a tangible issue. It’s important to understand the “outrage cycle” is not limited to Twitter. Rather, it can strike anyone, at anytime, on any platform; because as they say, the internet is undefeated.

I think I speak for all normal people when I say I have lost faith in the general public’s ability to think rationally.


I really thought that if there was one man capable of navigating today’s social climate while evading the P.C police it would be America’s sweetheart, Screamin’ Stephen A. Smith. When you’re a meme of your former self isn’t everything you do considered satirical?

Stephen A. went on Snoop Dogg’s Double G New Network (GGN) and was goaded into revealing himself as a “bottom feeder” by the oldest journalist trick in the book: asking a guy if he likes “ass or titties.” In a sentence, Stephen A. indicted himself as the biggest ass-man on this side of the Mississippi, which of course is breaking news to nobody:

We’ve all seen his previous work with great tweets like:

Naturally, him coming clean regarding his love for…thiccness was something I figured would come as a surprise to nobody…or so I thought…

There you go. We have arrived at our true dystopia. Stephen A. Smith is apologizing to the world because he voiced his curvy desires…to Snoop Dogg…on his internet show. ESPN decided this is the battle they want to fight. Fuck worrying about the alleged questionable sexual climate in Bristol, they’re more concerned with Steven A. being a known bottom feeder.

If he can’t get away with that remark I should thank my lucky stars I’m not in the public eye. Every other time I opened my mouth it would apparently warrant a half-assed apology. I challenge anyone to name a more tiresome trend in modern society than the “outrage cycle” that has plagued social media. It’s simply impossible. The endless outrage of social justice warriors debating who should and shouldn’t be offended has left the level-headed population feeling used and abused. Will we ever be able to make a joke or talk about butts again?

HOWEVA, when the next public figure is forced into a canned apology due to some juvenile jocularity, the bottom feeder blog will trudge on below…


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