You Won’t Believe The Brunette Mitch Trubisky Is Dating…

The biggest NFL news last week was Jimmy Garappolo going on a date with a adult film actress porn star. It wasn’t about anthem protests, nor Lamar Jackson’s surprising progress. No, it was Tom Brady’s protege being squired about town by one of the biggest (literally) titans of the industry, Kiara Mia.

Full disclosure though, hadn’t heard of Mrs. Mia or her work prior to the news breaking.

Although I like to consider myself a sports blogger, I will not cast judgment here, nor will I give you my hot take on Jimmy and his friend.

I’m am here to break some similar news, however. #MyQuarterback, Mitch Trubisky, has also found him in a relationship with a hot little brunette…


Do you get it? Brunette is a shade of brown, which is also the color of a football.

I won’t apologize for what I’ve just willingly published and I also won’t apologize for wholeheartedly believing in what Trubisky is shaping up to be.

You’ll hear every angle of analysis on every single Trubisky drop back down in Bourbonnais. Honestly, it’s been just a few days and I’m already sick of seeing the tweets. Normally it’s a video taken 50 yards away from the field and it’s a 5-yard slant to Kevin White. Captioned is something along the lines of “three-step drop from Trubisky who delivers a perfectly placed pass to Kevin White.”

That’s all well and good, but in reality my cat could’ve put that throw on the money.

Here’s what I care about: how Trubisky conducts himself. And I LOVE what I’ve heard in this respect.

If you haven’t yet done so, please give this Bleacher Report article by Tyler Dunne a read. My favorite excerpt was a quote from tight end Trey Burton:

“Especially with the new generation, there’s a way to do that,” [Trey] Burton says. “He knows how to get people to respond and different ways to talk to different people. … Alpha, you don’t necessarily need to be screaming at somebody. Sometimes Alpha is pulling somebody aside and having a sit-down conversation with them and trying to figure out what’s going on behind closed doors. He definitely has the ability to do all that.” (Bleacher Report)

I absolutely cannot imagine getting every grown man on an NFL roster to buy into what you’re selling as a young quarterback. I was lucky enough to be a two-year captain of a division one sports team and let me tell you, it’s soul-crushingly difficult to get 15 guys to buy into your vision, let alone a bunch of grown men, many who are making millions of dollars.

As a leader, the success of your team comes down to how well you can connect to each individual personality. Nobody’s the same, everybody goes about their work differently. Obviously I’m not inside the Bears locker room but I’d venture a guess that Allen Robinson goes about his work differently than say, Bobby Massie. Can’t connect in some capacity or aren’t willing to try? You’ll lose, I almost guarantee it.

Clearly, Mitch gets that.

“People have been telling me I have to prove myself this year. What do I have to prove?” Trubisky says. “I’ve been trying to prove myself since I picked up this brown ball at the age of 7. Who are you to tell me I have to prove myself this year? I’ve been trying to prove to myself every single day of my life that I’m good enough to be at this level, that I’m worthy to be playing this game.” (Bleacher Report)

I know earlier I reported the breaking news that Trubisky just got into a relationship with a brunette, but he’s been fooling us all. It’s been since age seven (way too early to be dating, if you ask me).

Really though. Outside of a major injury or an absolute disaster of a season where Trubisky throws 40 interceptions and 5 touchdowns, I don’t see myself panicking. Yes, easy to say now, and maybe I’ll go back and re-read this if things get tough.

Chicago hasn’t seen a hard-nosed, team-leading quarterback in god knows how long. In my opinion, that guy is here. I’m really excited to see how big of a hand he has in growing not just his game, but that of his teammates as well.

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