Today in Mets Twitter

We all have our own internet Achilles heel. The one or two topics that seem to find their way to the top of the timeline, leaving us with a choice – sit there, soaking in frustration, or spout off and get mad online. Unfortunately, both responses typically leave you in a cripplingly introspective state where you think to yourself, “how in the hell do I still let this bother me?”

Some are left stewing over a post an ex put up. Others strangle the life out of whatever fruit-shaped stress ball their local banker gave them after stumbling across omnipresent online political warfare. For me it’s the goddamn Mets and whatever tone-deaf post their social media team (who is quickly climbing my long list of least favorite things about the Mets) blesses the poor fans of this Godforsaken franchise with.

On Monday night I opened the Twitter machine and saw this, causing me to become physically ill almost immediately:

Being a Mets fan has made me privy to a wide variety of heartache, but this left me with a profound, empty feeling.

Let me try to make this relatable…Imagine opening up your timeline and you see your girlfriend or boyfriend put up one of those nauseating couple videos. You know, the videos that highlight a romantic getaway and show just how much they really really love each other.

Things have been rough between you two lately, but at least this could be a sign of things moving in the right direction. That is until you hover over the tile to find something your eyes can’t believe. The video is from three years ago, and it is an offensively romanticized presentation of the trip to Cancun she took with her booze-soaked, asshole ex.

Floored, you scroll down to see the comments. Surely your friends have come to your defense, but what you see is somehow worse than the original transgression. Over 4,000 people liked it and (now former) friends have saturated the post with countless “relationship goalssss *heart emojissss*” comments.

Admittedly, I was a long-time Harvey defender. I was the naïve, love-struck teen giving out chance after chance, only to be walked all over. This behavior from the Mets is equal parts unbelievable and expected. Did Harvey make the Mets the most exciting they’d been since 2006? Obviously. We had something beautiful, but that was a fleeting moment and Harvey unapologetically shit all over it.

Why don’t the Mets take to Twitter with a thread of appreciation for deGrom? He has absolutely balled out throughout circumstances that would’ve broken many others. Better yet, they ought to make one of those long apology posts for forcing him to go out every fifth day with this pitiful team behind him. deGrom has given up only nine more earned runs than Harvey did for the Mets this year in 120 more innings.

We don’t deserve you.

Sadly, the Mets will continue being the Mets, and far too many fans will continue enabling them. We are going to watch deGrom get robbed of a Cy Young because his sub-two ERA somehow comes with a losing record (but he won today!). All the while, the Mets’ ownership and social media team sits in dark room listening to Leona Lewis while eating ice-cream and crying over their estranged bad boy.




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