Plz, Dear God, Don’t Let The Bulls Ruin A Good Thing By Bringing Rose Back

What a year Derrick Rose is having, right? It seems like he’s finally embraced the role that he should’ve six years ago, and he’s thriving. I’d be lying if I said I saw it coming; to be completely honest, I thought his career was dead in the water years ago.

As much as I’ve disagreed with some of the things Rose has done/said over the years, I hold nothing against him. Nobody will ever understand the things he dealt with due to the injuries, pressure to carry the city of Chicago, etc. And now with his upcoming free agency approaching, the cries to bring him back to the Bulls are deafening:


This cannot happen.

And it has nothing to do with Derrick himself.

Who does it have to do with?

You really have faith that Gar Forman and John Paxson wouldn’t completely fuck this up?

Is there a Bulls fan in the city of Chicago that has faith left in John Paxson and Gar Forman? If there is one, it’s a person who has been locked in a bomb shelter for the last twenty years and is stuck with nothing but a box full of 90’s Bulls Championship VHS tapes.

Then again, I guess they wouldn’t know the ugly, two-headed GarPax monster was running the Bulls’ front office, but I digress.

At the moment, generally speaking, I’d say that Bulls fans look back at the D-Rose era fondly. Were there bad moments? It’d be an understatement to say that. But, at the same time, there was plenty of good that we can look back on, and I’d say most people are proud of the player and man that Derrick has become despite the obstacles.

Now…go ahead and take a long look in the mirror and tell yourself that GarPax wouldn’t completely fuck up bringing Rose back to Chicago. They’re completely different players, and I get that, but look at what happened with Jabari Parker’s “homecoming.”

Ready to see tweets like this, but with Rose instead of Parker?


Why don’t we just let the Derrick Rose saga be the Derrick Rose saga. Bringing him back to Chicago will give everyone the warm fuzzies for that first introduction at the United Center, but once that’s done I’m fairly confident that roughly one month later I’ll be listening to Chicago sports talk radio hosts debate what the Bulls will be able to get back in a trade for Rose.

Say we do bring Rose on next year. Do the Bulls still stink? Yep. So what’s the point?

John Paxson and Gar Forman are still calling the shots. Do you trust a pair of clowns to bring back a beloved former player and not ruin it? I don’t. It’s nothing against Derrick Rose, but in this case, let’s let the past be the past.

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