I’ve Calmed Down (Slightly): My Thoughts On Yesterday’s White Sox Meltdown

My anger was more severe last night but I didn’t have time to write. I’m more cool, calm and collected now, but I will try to channel my inner pissed off.

Don’t worry, the White Sox make it so easy.

There was a time when I thought Rick Renteria was the right manager for this rebuild. He seemed like the perfect combination of no-nonsense and player-friendly; his Latin roots made it easy to see how he could relate to this White Sox team full of Latino players and he was backed whole-heartedly by the only person I know who works within the Sox’ organization.

I forgot another positive — he doesn’t do Joe Maddon-like things.

I’ve been reaching my breaking point with Renteria — and that’s not the point of my writing — but yesterday killed it for me. Ryan Cordell, a piece who nobody has really any expectations of, came through clutch with a go-ahead two-run home run in the eighth inning. Ivan Nova, a milquetoast off-season trade acquisition (I don’t have anything against Nova, it’s just that he was a boring James Shields replacement) spun seven innings of one-run ball. He did everything right, putting the ball right in the zone and inducing ground balls. Exactly what you paid the guy to do and more. Hats off.

Then Ricky overthought things.

Look, I understand the recent use of Kelvin Herrera and Alex Colomé — but, really? Herrera had thrown 24 pitches combined over the last two days. For Colomé, that number was 23. You really want to sit here and tell me that you couldn’t have thrown Herrera into the eighth inning with the idea that he just would be shutdown for two or three days? There’s a reason I’m not a manager, and I get that, but you have a chance to WIN A GAME. Let’s be honest, you got an OUT-OF-THE-BLUE miracle via Cordell.

Instead, Renteria chose to put the game in the hands of Jace Fry and Dylan Covey. You had a chance to make a real statement on the Indians’ Opening Day. FINALLY, you could’ve stuck it to the top-dog in the AL Central. I’ll say it again — in this situation, Ricky trusted Dylan. Covey.

I watched the first seven innings of yesterday’s game. I left my office and headed out on my walk to the train. During that time, Cordell’s home run happened as I followed via the ESPN app. I fist pumped and audibly celebrated while walking in a crowd of people. Just ten short minutes later, I was sitting on a train peppering words that start with F and S and end with “ing”. You’re not supposed to say those words on a quiet train, I don’t think. Blame it on the Sox.

The bottom line is this: I get that it’s still a rebuilding year. Losses are bound to happen, and we’ll be lucky to win 75 of ’em. However…I’m done giving a franchise that has continuously failed for ELEVEN YEARS free passes. I can’t explain how unacceptable that is.

I pride myself in being a rational fan, but I’m almost done with that, because it’s gotten me nowhere. Be better, White Sox. Also, if you want to tell me I’m overreacting because it was “just game four,” then I’m going to assume you haven’t been much of a fan during these last eleven years.

Change something.

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