Did I Curse Yu Darvish’s Tenure With The Cubs?

File this blog under: “Things You Hate To See.”

I wish nothing bad upon Yu Darvish. He’s a talented pitcher, seems like a good guy (kinda soft) and he finds himself making millions of dollars in the greatest city in the world. Except I might have to apologize to him and the entire Cubs organization because I think I cursed this whole shebang before it got off the ground. All it took was a tweet.

Yes, it me. If you take a closer look at that tweet and its details, you’ll see that it was carefully sent out mere minutes after the signing was officially announced by the Cubs.

Now, let’s talk about my intentions behind this beautifully accurate statement. Generally speaking, it was harmless, right? I wasn’t using advanced stats to back my thought. I wasn’t looking into a crystal ball and seeing *checks baseball reference* a mid five ERA through ten starts. I also definitely wasn’t seeing an injury-marred first season with “nobody likes me” complaints.

Pretty much, Cody.

So, yeah, generally speaking it was a feeling. But it was also a feeling backed by a recognition that this guy had never stepped up in the playoffs, was 30+ years old and always seemed like more of a pitcher who was fun to watch because he could spin the ball but not actually produce consistent results. Basically I thought of him the same way I do of Chris Archer; over-hyped to a degree that I couldn’t/can’t understand.

Yet here we are a little over a year after my fateful tweet and, would you look at that, the Darvish signing is not ending up well.

P.S. I said the Cubs should have traded Kyle Schwarber to an AL club right after the World Series and, would you look at that, yes they should have.

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