Revisiting My Preseason White Sox Predictions

So I made a few White Sox predictions on Day 1 of the White Sox’ 2019 campaign. It’s crazy to think that only three months have passed and my outlook has changed on so many different players, both for the good and for the bad.

Health-wise, it’s been a tenuous three months:

Those injuries, of course, were all announced at the same time just a couple of days ago and don’t include Carlos Rodon, Michael Kopech, Nate Jones and a host of other shorter-term IL stints. Alas, you’d be lying — or eternally pessimistic — to say that there hasn’t been a fair share of bright spots from the first 81 games. An abbreviated version:

  • Lucas Giolito
  • James McCann
  • Tim Anderson
  • Yoán Moncada
  • Eloy Jimenez’s month of June
  • Álex Colomé
  • Aaron Bummer
  • DFA’ing Yonder Alonso

You get the point. There’s been bad, but in my opinion, there’s been more overarching good. Now, let’s get to some of my solid and AWFUL predictions.

What I Got Right

  • Most Saves: Álex Colomé

This wasn’t hard to get right. In fact, given what I wrote to accompany the prediction, I was more wrong than right:

“You don’t know how bad I want to say Ian Hamilton. If he weren’t starting the year injured I probably would, because this is my predictions blog and I get to choose.”

Well, man, good thing you got past that urge and didn’t say Hamilton because you would’ve looked like a jackass.

Colomé has been phenomenal for the Sox, converting save chances in a less heart attack-inducing fashion than we’ve seen in a long time. He may be traded in the coming weeks (although I don’t think the return will be where the Sox want it to be) so let’s savor what we have for now.

  • First Call-UpSeby Zavala

Zavala indeed was the first White Sox prospect in 2019 to make his MLB debut. The catcher saw all of nine plate appearances, striking out a staggering seven times. Oof. Better days will be ahead, although Zack Collins’ arrival doesn’t spell great things for Seby. He wouldn’t fetch much in a trade, but if he continues swinging a solid bat (.270/.333/.527 since heading back to Charlotte) he could be a piece shipped off in the near future.

  • Win Total: 75

Of course, we won’t know how correct I am with this until the end of September, but thus far, it looks reasonable.

What I Got Wrong

  • Who Leads The Team In Wins? Reynaldo López

Well, shit.

I had pretty high hopes for Reynaldo, and apparently those hopes were misguided. He sits at four wins while his trade partner, Giolito, has broken out to the tune of an MLB-best eleven wins.

  • MVP: Eloy Jiménez

Not nearly as ugly as my previous prediction, but still, wrong at this point. There’s still an out-there scenario where Eloy lights up the second-half as he did in June and leads the White Sox to an extremely improbable Wild Card berth. If that happens, maybe I’ll be right.

Thank you for this moment, Eloy.

In reality, the MVP to this point is probably one of McCann or Giolito…or Yoán…or TA. Wherever your tastes may lie.

  • Player I’m Most Likely To Forget Exists In Five Years: Manny Bañuelos

We’re well on our way!

Cover photo via USA Today Sports

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