Jose Abreu Just Called Out The Front Office

Seven losses in a row. Unacceptable regardless of the circumstances.

No, these losses don’t make me feel entirely different about the direction of the team. It doesn’t throw me into a complete spiraling panic in the short-term. It does, however, shine a blinding light on the fact that the White Sox haven’t made the playoffs since 2008 and haven’t had a winning record since 2012.

Why is that the case? You could look at a number of reasons. If you’d like an overarching reason, I’ll sum it up by saying this: for the last 10+ years the front office has continually given chances to players with little-to-no shot at a slightly above-average major league career. I don’t need to list out these players. Even casual baseball fans know exactly who they are.

Do you know who isn’t a guy who’s had a slightly above-average career? Jose Abreu. Abreu has waded through garbage over his six-year tenure with the White Sox and (so far) has been rewarded with no contract extension despite his constant production. Well, all it took was two weeks for Abreu to go from “I don’t know how else to ask you to extend me” to “I’m not sure what the hell this front office is doing.”

Of course, neither of those are real quotes. This is, however, a real quote:

The last sentence is the only thing you need to read. It’s a kick in the balls from one of the few people within this organization who has busted his ass over the last few years, and I’m not just talking players. Over and over, the front office — whether you’re talking about Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams, Jerry Reinsdorf, etc. — have dished out plushy quotes with fun buzz words.

Now they have a franchise cornerstone calling them out on all of that B.S. I don’t think there was anything that the White Sox needed more at this point than this quote from Abreu. I don’t necessarily think he’s calling for them to bring up Luis Robert — but I do think he’s pleading for them to stop bringing up the Charlie Tilsons, A.J. Reeds, Ryan Cordells and Ryan Goins of the world. Abreu can’t say that it’s embarrassing, but I will.

I have little faith that anything will be done because of it, but at least somebody other than the fans is holding the front office accountable.

Again, I think there are still reasons to be optimistic in the long-term despite the last week. I also think there are even more reasons to be angry, frustrated and near the breaking point with the guys up top who are trotting out players with zero chance at having sustained success.

Sorry, Steve Stone, but going on 11+ years of no playoffs gives fans a reason to bitch and complain. Even amidst a rebuild, that drought gives everyone a free pass to MF who they wish when there is zero track record of success.

Listen to Jose Abreu and do something, White Sox.

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